The clothing of schools is caused by the snowfall in Portland

The clothing of schools is caused by the snowfall in Portland

Usually, winter in the Portland region does not come early. But on Monday morning people met snow-covered trees, roads and fields, severe frost and ice, earlier than usual this year. They were surprised at the sudden and early coming of winter.

The National Weather Forecast Bureau announced the following numbers: the snow cover at the foot of the mountains in Portland was one and a half inches, and in the higher areas of precipitation fell much more, this number in these regions reached five inches.

The work of road services to eliminate the effects of snowfall

The road service in Portland also was not ready for a sharp change in the weather, but quickly and efficiently responded to weather surprises and began work on treating asphalt with a mixture of sand and salt and removing the ice crust from the roads. Road safety measures will continue to be implemented by the road service over the next twenty-four hours. The road service employee John Brady says in his interview to the newspaper: “Yesterday there were no prerequisites for bad weather or the coming of winter with snowfall, all roads were in good condition. And this morning the situation has changed dramatically, and we need to carry out measures for the treatment of roads.” He noted that today in different districts of the county there have been several car accidents caused by ice and snow drifts.

“In the morning several centimetres of snow fell, but then it began to melt, turning into the water. It, in turn, froze and an ice crust formed on the roads, which we must eliminate in order to avoid an even greater number of accidents. The road service expects to devote the next day to this, ” – continues John Brady, – “I insistently recommend not to commit morning trips without urgent need, it is better to postpone the trip to another time, or use the services of public transport. In case you decided to drive a car, you must be extremely careful and attentive, paying special attention to the presence of icy areas on the road. “

The negative impact of snowfall on the work of schools in Portland

Unexpected snowfall adversely affected the work of schools – most of the education organizations cancelled classes for the reason of adverse weather conditions, so as not to endanger the health of students. On Monday all schools in the county stopped their work until the time when the road service workers eliminate ice from the roads or the weather improved. In some areas, the traffic flow is stopped for more than two hours, in such a situation it is logical that the normal operation of educational institutions is not possible because of the transport difficulties. The gorge of the Columbia River was especially snow-covered, where the snow cover exceeded five inches.